What a Woman Wants in a Man

What a Woman Wants in a Man

Confidence is a must when it comes to what women want. They want a man who is confident and takes the lead. They want to know that the man can handle his own and not doubt his identity. A confident man that carries himself well is very sexy to a woman.

Affection is also on the top of the list of what a woman wants in a man. Most women love displays of affection, public and private. We love hand holding, you putting your arm around us or the back of our chair. It tells us you claim us as yours and we find that powerful. Stolen kisses are good too.

We also want to feel secure. We want to know that you can not only take care of yourself, but you can take care of us as well. It does not mean we need you to take care of us financially, although we do want you to be motivated and have goals in life. We want to know that you will defend us, take up for us, and stand beside us and be proud of us.

Being heard and understood is also a big one when it comes to what a woman wants in a man. “He just does not listen” is one of the top complaints from women. We want you to listen to us. If we are discussing a problem or obstacle, we want you to hear us. We know you like to fix things, but we don’t want you to fix it, we want you to pay attention and listen. When a man does this, it is the world to a woman.

Women are a mystery. If you want to be successful with them, it helps to understand them. Stop guessing and start figuring it out. You don’t want to be alone forever do you? If you want to know what women want, the best place to find out is by asking a woman.

I work with hundreds of women. I know what they want. Take the time to learn. Stop failing or striking out with women. Find our more about what they really want here.

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